Establishing and Nurturing Professional Relationships with Skip Briggs

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As a former practicing CPA turned wealth manager, Skip talks about how he embodies the behaviors and traits of a successful relationship. He shares what it takes to work with other professionals, how those relationships can be so rewarding, and why protecting the other professional’s reputation is critical to the relationship

Developing Leadership and Advisory Skills with Alex Potts

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Alex Potts, President of Buckingham Strategic Partners, talks about the origins of Admired Advisor as content for advisors at Buckingham, the difference between a trusted advisor and a leader, and what great advisors do to serve their clients.

A Thoughtful Client Experience with David and Nancy Bailin

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David and Nancy Bailin of Personal Wealth Strategies in New Jersey talk about why their thoughtfulness drives team decisions and the client experience and what inspirational challenge they’ve posed for fellow financial advisors.

A Five-Step Plan for Authentic Client Conversations

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Paul Ragone of Integrity Wealth Services in Knoxville, Tennessee, talks about overcoming his fear of growth, the method behind his five meeting client experience process and how he created an in-house one-stop-shop for client services.

April Aandal: An Anchor for Advisors

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April Aandal, Sr. Relationship Specialist at Avantis Investors, discusses how she creates a positive and productive environment for advisors to convene, the importance of vulnerability, and the dos and don’ts for encouraging advisor education.

Why Transparency Trumps All with Chris Williams

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Chris Williams, Founder of Capital Fiduciary Advisors in Ashburn, Virginia, discusses his selective approach to onboarding new clients a secret to maintaining strong relationships through good times and bad.

Becoming a Team Player, and Thinking Like a Golf Pro with Shaw Pritchett

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In this episode, Steve talks with Shaw about making the leap from accounting to wealth management, how he encourages clients to set big financial goals, avoiding a task-oriented mindset, acting like a team player, thriving during a pandemic, and what professional golf has taught Shaw about communicating with clients and coming out on top.

Planning for Growth

Planning for Growth Webcast Replay

Enjoy a recap of our webcast, Planning for Growth, where we delve into the ways Buckingham can free up an advisor’s valuable time to nurture their clients.

Building Trust, Catching Red Flags, and Educating Athletes

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Steve Atkinson talks with Mike George of Athletes Financial about the challenge of working in a clearly defined niche – in this case, professional athlete clients – but also what kind of mindset and processes have helped make the team successful at doing so.

Client Segmentation Strategies with Jim Dischert

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Jim Dischert, of Three Sixty Wealth Management, talks about what led him to reassess who his ideal client is and then, when he had his answer, help about a third of his clients find a new advisor.