As a new breed of investors emerges, they bring with them unique perspectives, aspirations, and ambitions. This tech-savvy and forward-thinking generation demands a level of engagement and planning that is far more in-depth and tailored to their specific circumstances and goals.

“Next-gen clients have different needs and wants. They want more of a partner than an advisor who is just there to tell them what to do. They want somebody who can help guide them and help them think through big life decisions.” ~ Andy Krafft

In this episode, Steve talks with Andy Krafft, Financial Planner at Luminary Wealth. Andy is a nextgen advisor who joined his father’s firm over five years ago after a successful career at Ernst & Young. Andy serves late millennials and early Gen Xers.

With a burning desire to work directly with clients, Andy talks about his thought process of serving next-generation clients, the three Ts of client experience, and how he uses LinkedIn to find new clients and referrals.




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