Few things are as important to a client’s success as having a great team of advisors. Great advisors are always on the hunt for new ways to help their clients grow and live better lives. They understand that it’s not just about the business but also the person’s life and family. But how can wealth management firms develop great advisors?

In this episode, Steve talks with Alex Potts. Alex sits on the Board of Directors for Buckingham Wealth Partners while also serving as President of Buckingham Strategic Partners, comprised of BAM Advisor Services, LLC and Loring Ward. As president, he focuses on forward-looking strategies, vision, and growth for their Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) business.

Alex talks with Steve about the origins of Admired Advisor as content for advisors at Buckingham, the difference between a trusted advisor and a leader, and what great advisors do to serve their clients.

“When you see a great advisor, you see a great leader. Not only are they great advisors to their community of clients, but they’re also great leaders outside of their advisory business.” ~ Alex Potts


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