In this episode, Steve Atkinson talks with Ron Bernstein, Co-Founder and Managing Member of Prism Planning Partners. Ron became a financial advisor in 2005 after working for years as a Certified Public Accountant and CFO of a publicly-traded medical supply company. After over a decade of experience, he founded Prism Planning Partners in 2018. Alongside his co-founders, they set out to establish a different kind of financial planning experience that embraced the multi-faceted emotional, human elements of life planning and sophisticated, analytical financial planning.

“The relationship-building component and earning somebody’s trust are paramount to longevity in the advisory business.” – Ron Bernstein

Ron talks with Steve about how he and his team have built a firm serving 75 households and 130 million assets after just five years. He also speaks about how he blends traditional planning with life planning and strategies they use to focus on the bigger priorities for their business and clients.


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Steve Atkinson

Steven Atkinson

Managing Director, Advisor Relations

For 25 years Steve has helped advisors get into the RIA space and/or helped them grow by developing and sharing a variety of client experience best practices. Steve was an original architect of Buckingham’s Design | Build | Protect® client experience process along with the Life Discovery and Feedforward programs. Steve is also an author of The Wealth Solution and 27 Principles Every Investor Should Know. He is also the host of the Admired Advisor podcast. Steve is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor’s in Finance and Investment Banking. Steve lives in Edwards, CO and enjoys spending time with his daughters skiing in the winter or golfing in the summer .