A Thoughtful Client Experience with David and Nancy Bailin

David and Nancy Bailin lead their team of advisors with clear values: servant leadership, personalized care, and integrity. Those core values have led Personal Wealth Strategies through a global pandemic, an acquisition during remote work, and a slew of clients who lean on the team at Personal Wealth during times of hardship.

David and Nancy know that stating your values and believing in a client-first experience is nothing new. It’s the follow-through that counts. Do what you say you will, no matter how minor the statement.

“Maintaining that culture of openness, respect, a team approach. When you have that type of synergy, the clients feel that as well. So the mindset here in this office is just that, it is servant leadership. And everything we do is seen through that lens.” ~ Nancy Bailin

In this episode, David and Nancy Bailin talk with Steve about why their thoughtfulness drives team decisions and the client experience, how they managed a significant acquisition and added an additional team member during tough times, why systems and processes are integral to their business success, and what inspirational challenge they’ve posed for fellow financial advisors.


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