It’s no secret that athletes need someone in their corner. Mike George of Athletes Financial strives to be that someone, helping athletes with their financial lives through education and earned trust.

Mike began his career at IMG working with the likes of Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter. When he opened his own firm, Mike made a conscious choice to focus on quality over quantity, keeping his client list lean and his services top-notch.

As his career evolved, Mike realized the importance of maintaining relationships with agents as well as the athletes. He describes why advising is like recruiting and how athletes have measured themselves against an arbitrary locker room standard for far too long.  Mike’s goal is always to break through that inner athletic circle and give athletes an education and an alternative voice of reason.

In this episode, Mike talks with Steve about the number one risk of advising athletes, how Mike defines success, and why reputation will always beat the market.

“At the end of the day, I’m actually a translator between the financial and capital markets and the athlete. And what I’ve been told I do a good job at is bringing it down to layman’s terms, making sure not just that I communicate it but also that I listen to the client and make sure that they understand what I’m saying in a way that is impactful for them to internalize it. Because one of the most important things isn’t return on the portfolio — it’s actually getting our clients to save their dollars.” ~ Mike George


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Steve Atkinson

Steven Atkinson

Managing Director, Advisor Relations

For 25 years Steve has helped advisors get into the RIA space and/or helped them grow by developing and sharing a variety of client experience best practices. Steve was an original architect of Buckingham’s Design | Build | Protect® client experience process along with the Life Discovery and Feedforward programs. Steve is also an author of The Wealth Solution and 27 Principles Every Investor Should Know. He is also the host of the Admired Advisor podcast. Steve is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor’s in Finance and Investment Banking. Steve lives in Edwards, CO and enjoys spending time with his daughters skiing in the winter or golfing in the summer .