Transitions can be challenging for any organization, especially when managing relationships during the succession or sale of an advisory firm. However, as advisors shift to an independent wealth advisory business model due to its unconflicted nature and ability to provide valuable services to clients, mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships are becoming more prevalent. What factors do owners need to understand when selling their business, and how can they navigate the challenges that come with the transition?

“The only thing worse than providing bad advice is delivering great advice that’s not acted upon. That comes down to trust, which is why the independent wealth advisor business model being unconflicted is the right way to provide service to clients.” ~ Justin Ferri

In this episode, Steve talks with Justin Ferri, President at Buckingham Wealth Partners. Before joining Buckingham, Justin was a managing director of Focus Financial Partners, responsible for business development and acquisition activities with an emphasis on identifying and partnering with top advisors and independent RIA firms. Today, Justin focuses on forward-looking strategies, vision, and growth for Buckingham’s advisory teams and client experiences. He is proficient in building growth-oriented businesses, focusing on recruiting, motivating, and leading highly creative and productive teams.

A seasoned financial services executive with extensive management and leadership experience, Justin talks with Steve about managing relationships during times of transition. He also shares the decision points when considering succession or sale of an advisory firm, what influences valuation and how potential sellers can maximize their value, and how leaders can navigate the challenges of business transitions.




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