As advisors eager to please and develop relationships with clients, it’s tempting to become a true chameleon. Blending in with every client, transforming into their reflection, and establishing such harsh boundaries that clients never meet the real you. Although there’s a time for mirroring clients, Megan Gorman believes in the power of authenticity when it comes to building close-knit relationships and fostering client loyalty.

Founder of Chequers Financial Management in San Francisco, Megan’s commitment to authenticity solidified her company’s tremendous growth over the past seven years. Specializing in high net worth clients, the chaos and emotion involved in high stakes financial decisions means that establishing close relationships with clients is all the more essential for the success of her business. Not to mention, having the backing of a team whose desire it is to learn and grow.

“You can connect with clients, you can be authentic with clients, you can emotionally engage and be an empath with them, but never forget that if we’re doing our job properly, we are also merely a mirror.” ~ Megan Gorman

In this episode, Steve and Megan discuss the importance of paving your own path as an advisor, how to establish and maintain close relationships with clients, the one aspect of her business that Megan outsources, and what she believes is the real meaning of wealth.


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Steve Atkinson

Steven Atkinson

Managing Director, Advisor Relations

Managing Director, Advisor Relations with Buckingham Wealth Group. For 25 years Steve has helped advisors get into the RIA space and/or helped them grow by developing and sharing a variety of client experience best practices. Steve was an original architect of Buckingham’s Design Build Protect client experience process along with the Life Discovery and Feedforward programs. Steve is also an author of The Wealth Solution and 27 Principles Every Investor Should Know. Steve is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor’s in Finance and Investment Banking. Steve currently splits his time between Omaha, NE and Edwards, CO with his wife and three daughters.