We all know an advisor whose firm seems to be effortlessly growing, thriving and expanding. What is their secret to success?

In this interactive webinar, moderator Alex Potts and guest speakers Steve Atkinson and Jonathan Scheid share five approaches to help you on your growth journey. You’ll have a chance to enjoy a unique behind-the-scenes look at the tactics successful financial advisors have implemented into their ongoing work with clients and prospects.

The team discusses:

  • Investments: Why ideology and philosophy matter
  • Growth and Time: How to make the most of your day, everyday
  • Standard of Care: Buckingham’s approach to turning the ordinary
    into extraordinary
  • Advanced Planning Solutions: The best ways to support the unique
    complexities and goals of high-net-worth clients
  • Client Management: The ingredients to a flourishing client/advisor

Buckingham Strategic Partners

When advisors work with Buckingham Strategic Partners, they gain the strength of a nationwide community of wealth management professionals. With the support of a diverse team of financial planning leaders, tax professionals, investment researchers and portfolio managers, advisors are able to orchestrate a bespoke plan, tailored to each client’s unique situation. Clients benefit from Buckingham’s team of dedicated professionals who are constantly exploring and assessing the ever-changing landscape of investments, tax code, markets and planning strategies—with a singular focus on maintaining an evidence-driven, fiduciary approach that puts client’s interests first.