When Chris Williams began his career in a small accounting department, he missed interacting with the people on the other end of his spreadsheets. As he transitioned into financial services and advanced through large advisory firms, that desire to build close relationships with clients persisted. While he got close, nothing compares to the bond you establish with clients building an RIA of your own.

So Chris did just that. Today he serves a niche client base – primarily baby boomers and serial entrepreneurs. He’s an intimate player in his clients’ financial lives and that responsibility has more than fulfilled his desire to work closely with the people he serves. In fact, Chris views clients as an extension of his family rather than a cohort of strangers. Even when he left a larger firm to launch his RIA, Chris’ primary concern wasn’t his own well-being, but that of his clients who faithfully followed.

“I’ve always believed that you need to take the high road and be honest with everybody along the way. It usually comes full circle — providing complete transparency and just having those difficult conversations.” ~ Chris Williams

In this episode, Steve and Chris discuss how Chris built a team of advisors to serve clients holistically, his selective approach to onboarding new clients, how previous experiences at larger firms shaped his current practice, and Chris’ secret to maintaining strong relationships with clients through good times and bad.


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