People tend to get caught up in numbers when planning their finances and lose sight of what’s important. However, the goal of true wealth management is not just to have a plan but to have one based on values, priorities, and goals. It’s about aligning your money with your values so that your finances reflect what’s important to you.

“True wealth management is about aligning the money to live the life people want and helping them achieve that level of fulfillment and contentment.” ~ Michael Thompson

In this episode, Steve talks with Michael Thompson. Michael is the Senior Wealth Advisor at Copper Leaf Financial with more than 25 years of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals. Also serving as a partner at Copper Leaf Financial, Michael is the steward and director of the planning process, driving strategy, and delivering true, comprehensive planning and wealth management. Michael’s areas of focus are evidence-based and sustainable investing, retiree transitions, and complex estate and philanthropic planning.

Michael talks with Steve about how he partnered with a 35-year-old CPA firm to help them take the next step in helping their clients get what they call true wealth management, their planning process, and how his past career prepared him to take on the challenge of launching Copper Leaf Financial to reach the success they’ve had to date.


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