Investing in traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds has long been a popular way for people to build wealth. However, as the financial landscape has evolved, investors increasingly seek new and alternative investment opportunities to diversify their portfolios and achieve higher returns.


“Investors generally have most of their money in stocks and bonds. While that’s very traditional, it’s quite risky. The chance of a big equity market downturn hurting investors and having them struggle through retirement is real.” ~ Peter Nakada


In this episode, Steve talks with Peter Nakada, Chief Marketing Officer at Stone Ridge Asset Management. Peter is one of the ILS markets’ consummate advocates, with an eye for opportunity, an analytical skill set, and an understanding of the motivations that bring investors to an asset class. As someone who explains complicated quantitative things simply to all kinds of audiences, Peter likes to call himself the Chief Explaining Officer.


As part of a firm dedicated to providing true alternative investment solutions, Peter talks with Steve about what alternatives are and how there’s a difference between true alternatives and just alternatives. He also speaks about why it is important to seek more sources beyond stocks and bonds and what strategies and tactics can help people overcome the feeling of discomfort with alternative investing.




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