The Importance of Measured Growth and Building a Sustainable Culture with Premier Wealth Advisors

In this episode, Steve talks with Josh Koehnen, Ari Crandall, and Joe LeBlanc, the three managing partners of Premier Wealth Advisors in San Diego, California.

Throughout this conversation, they discuss how they merged their three individual practices into an ensemble business, and how the power of the right culture is responsible for their continued success and life balance.

The value they place on having the right staff and empowering them to make decisions is clear in how they run their business. It plays a critical role in serving clients and recruiting new employees.

They also share how they earn referrals from clients’ COIs and other educational methods, and get deep into the ‘why’ behind their business.

”We’re not trying to be in super-growth mode. We want to get the right types of clients. We set certain minimums to make sure that we’re getting the right types of clients. And then when we look at a potential acquisition. It’s gotta be the right fit. We don’t want to sacrifice quality of life because we’re trying to grow too quickly. ” ~ @Premier Wealth Advisors

Main Takeaways 

  • Having agents in the firm specialize in one area helps to divide the work and creates clarity on what questions should be asked by staff and other agents.
  • When merging firms, giving up control can be hard but it comes with the benefit of not having to manage every aspect of a business by yourself.
  • You may have your clients for most of their lives. Take the time to get to know them and look for people with whom you enjoy spending time. It will make advising easier.
  • Take action. The opportunity cost of not taking action can often be worse than whatever downside would come from a potential failure.
  • Being there for your clients and doing the right thing is the most important thing you can do. If you can’t give them the attention they need, aligning them with someone who can is the right way to go.

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