Perspectives for 2022: Buckingham’s Thoughts on the Year Ahead

Over the last two years, we have seen the market experience record breaking highs and lows. What can we expect for 2022?

Geopolitcial conflict and the recent invasion of Ukraine tells us that 2022 will continue bringing us market changing events. Please be assured that we are watching the political climate closely. No matter what the situation is, we continue to encourage our clients to stay calm. At Buckingham, we use historical data to gain a perspective on what the market could do in the following weeks, months and years.

Watch the replay of our latest webcast where, Jared, Susan and myself each bring our own unique perspectives on what to watch in the upcoming year, including the potential impact from the events in Ukraine that will impact the market.

We delve into:

  • Inflation
  • Interest rates
  • Market volatility
  • Planning for allocations
  • The potential for broad tax reform in 2022
  • Where the market is heading
  • IRA contributions and backdoor Roth strategies
  • The implications of upcoming legislation and political unrest

The market will go up and the market will go down. No matter which direction it is headed, your best defense is to speak with your financial advisor about developing a risk-tolerant plan and sticking to it- while, as I like to say, controlling the “controllables.”

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