Are you looking for a TAMP that fits your firm’s growing needs? With so many choices in the marketplace, it may be difficult to find a partner that understands your needs. Independent member of the Buckingham Strategic Partner community, Neel Shah of Beacon Wealth Solutions, was in your shoes. He dreamt of growing a firm dedicated to providing high-level integrated solutions to complex clients while still retaining the feel of a family office. To elevate his business, he knew he needed something more than a TAMP. On this episode of Michael Kitces’ podcast, Neel shares how Buckingham’s size, resources and culture was the perfect solution for his needs. Listen now! 

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Buckingham Strategic Partners

When advisors work with Buckingham Strategic Partners, they gain the strength of a nationwide community of wealth management professionals. With the support of a diverse team of financial planning leaders, tax professionals, investment researchers and portfolio managers, advisors are able to orchestrate a bespoke plan, tailored to each client’s unique situation. Clients benefit from Buckingham’s team of dedicated professionals who are constantly exploring and assessing the ever-changing landscape of investments, tax code, markets and planning strategies—with a singular focus on maintaining an evidence-driven, fiduciary approach that puts client’s interests first.