Trusts have long been essential for wealth management and estate planning, enabling individuals to protect and distribute their assets according to their wishes. However, navigating the trustee industry can sometimes feel like stepping into a maze of legal jargon, complicated procedures, and an array of options that can overwhelm even the most experienced advisors.

“The best skill for a family trustee is the comfort of saying, “I don’t know, I’m gonna go ask.” That raw ability to say, “I’m not quite sure. I will double-check that” with impartiality and humility, makes a great family trustee.” ~ Christopher Holtby

In this episode, Steve talks with Christopher Holtby, Co-Founder of Wealth Advisors Trust Company. At Wealth Advisors Trust Company, Christopher applies his business building, love of learning, and operational and wealth management leadership gained at Ernst & Young. His role includes learning and facilitating knowledge around the trustee industry to assist in choosing a trust company. Christopher has co-authored two white papers, “Directed Trusts Made Simple” and the “Trusteed IRA”, and authored one published peer-reviewed paper, “An Advisors Roadmap to the Trustee Industry.”

Committed to educating and empowering advisors to help clients understand their options regarding trust services, Christopher demystifies the corporate trustee concerns advisors may have. He talks about how advisors can avoid being flanked by attorneys during trust discussions and why having a generational wealth transfer conversation with a client is important.




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