Timely Strategies to Get Ahead of Student Loan Repayments

While you can’t control the student loan cancellation stalemate in the courts, you can take advantage of several student loan programs in 2023. As millions of Americans gear up to resume student loan payments after a three-year hiatus, many are anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Biden’s student debt relief program. While borrowers […]

Funding a College Education with Taxes in Mind

While 529 plans are a popular way to fund expensive college educations, Buckingham Senior Tax Manager Shawn Williamson shares more options that may benefit both students and parents from a tax standpoint. According to a recent study, a year of tuition, books, supplies and day-to-day living expenses at a four-year university will cost on average […]

Ring in the New Year with a Fresh Look at Your Financial Plan

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January is not only a perfect time to implement your personal and professional resolutions – it’s also a great reminder to review your financial goals, plans and strategies. Decades of data have proven that successful financial outcomes are more likely to happen because of purposeful and thoughtful planning. As we start 2023, I recommend my […]

How to Share Your Values with Legacy Letters

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In wealth planning, it’s important to consider not just tangible assets but also the impact you hope to make on your community and family. This is often called one’s legacy, and a big component of that is intangible assets: your values and life lessons that can be passed down to future generations. As families and […]

Buckingham’s Leadership Team’s Book Recommendation

Holiday Book Ideas

This holiday season, if you are looking for a book recommendation for your favorite bibliophile, yourself, a family member, friend or colleague, Buckingham’s Leadership Team is spreading the cheer by sharing a few of their recommended reads. “My father shared a copy of one of Larry Swedroe’s books at the beginning of my career, and […]

Top 10 Things to Do Before 2022 is Over

The holidays usher in a joyful time of family gatherings, holiday parties, fun with friends and the promise of a bright new year. But before you put a bow on 2022, there are a few financial housekeeping tasks that you should review. From my experience with clients, I have compiled a top ten list of […]

Are You Staying Ahead Of The Curve?


Like so many of us, I joined the financial planning industry to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I have always found it rewarding to help clients fulfil their lifelong dreams, guide them in periods of transition and provide support during challenging times. However, as firms grow, advisors are often forced to focus on […]

Pride Month: How to Build Your LGBTQ Financial Plan

Blog BSP Pride-Month 2022

It’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and there’s no better way to celebrate than taking pride in your financial life! Buckingham’s Ryne Vickery shares five steps to help same sex couples create a wealth plan and get on the path towards financial freedom.

A Guide to Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

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The past six months have brought about some interesting, exciting and unexpected changes to student loan repayment. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Education (ED), the Biden Administration has completely overhauled the very fabric of federal student loan forgiveness with two critical announcements: the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Waiver and the recent changes to income-driven repayment […]

Five Ways Women Can Take Control of Their Finances

Women’s individual and collective experiences, situations, challenges and solutions vary widely. This makes it nearly impossible – and irresponsible – to apply a “one size fits all” approach to women’s wealth management. But one thing we do know, our paths to achieving financial stability and success can vary greatly from those of men. Rather than […]

Join Us at Engage 2022, Save On Registration

Expert programming is the engine that drives AICPA® & CIMA® ENGAGE 22. From new regulatory updates to the latest strategies for high-income individuals, our presenters and panelists will elevate your expertise personal financial planning, estate planning, tax and additional, focused learning tracks. Hear from Buckingham’s Kevin Grogan and Jeffrey Levine as they share their perspectives […]

Planning for a Loved One with Special Needs

The US Census Bureau has reported that one in five individuals suffer from an intellectual, physical or mental disability. While many government programs and benefits are available, it is often hard to maneuver through the sea of red tape to take advantage of them. By not planning for the future of your loved one, you could […]

3 Reasons the New RMD Tables for 2022 (And Beyond) Are Overrated

On November 7, 2019, the IRS proposed doing something that it had not done in nearly two decades…update the life expectancy tables used to calculate required minimum distributions by IRA, 401(k), other retirement account owners and many beneficiaries. More than a year later, on November 12, 2020, the IRS finalized those changes, and released updated […]

5 Strategies We ❤

To mark Valentine’s Day this year, we asked five advisors to spread the love (the love of financial well-being, that is) by sharing a wide range of wealth planning tips that are near and dear to their hearts. So how does Buckingham love thee? Let us count the ways…. 1. Leverage an HSA: “One strategy […]

Do We Buy It or Do We Build It?

It’s a question every growing business eventually faces: Do we buy it or do we build it? To meet client demands and create economies of scale, companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft all buy some of their services. Conventional wisdom mandates that a modern company only build tools that enhance ROI and build up […]

Stay Ahead of the Game: Important 2022 Tax Updates for Baby Boomers

Paying taxes is something you can’t escape; but being aware of new tax rules and revised federal deadlines can make preparing and paying your taxes a little less painful each year. Here are five major tax revisions – plus noteworthy cutoff dates – every baby boomer needs to know ASAP to avoid late fees, cash […]

5 Opportunities to Create a Living Legacy

5 Ways to Create a Living Legacy

WARNING: When planned correctly, witnessing the effect of your generosity and passion can be highly addictive! Most people don’t give much thought to legacy planning aside from considering their will as they age and thinking about what to do with what might be left when they pass away. This approach is not nearly as much […]

7 Money-Saving Actions to Take Before Year-End

Guided by evidence and fueled by your ambitions, your team is dedicated to creating a wealth strategy distinctly tailored to each individual client’s needs. Before 2021 ends, be sure to check out our list of seven money-saving actions that may help you maintain the greatest amount of after-tax wealth. As always, talk to your advisor […]

Building Trust, Catching Red Flags, and Educating Athletes

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Steve Atkinson talks with Mike George of Athletes Financial about the challenge of working in a clearly defined niche – in this case, professional athlete clients – but also what kind of mindset and processes have helped make the team successful at doing so.

Maximize Your Impact: Charitable Giving Strategies

With the giving season nearly upon us, now is an excellent time to revisit your charitable intentions for the year. After all, our values tend to guide many of our financial decisions, including charitable giving goals, so it’s natural to incorporate both into a holistic plan. Take a look at this new infographic for a […]

Long-Term Disability Insurance: You Likely Need More Protection Than You Have

If your ability to pay your family’s monthly living expenses relies upon maintaining your current income, this article is for you. Or, if your future lifestyle needs, wants and dreams—your retirement goals, in other words—depend on your ability to save a certain portion of your income for years to come, then this article is applicable […]

Are You a Smaller, a Baller, or an Aller?

Whether it happens sooner (perhaps as early as next year) or later (but likely no later than 2026), there’s a good chance we’re going to see a significant drop in the federal estate tax exemption amount. And while there’s some uncertainty around exactly when it will happen, one thing that is certain is that if/when […]

Making Sense of Education Savings: What’s Right for You?

Feeling overwhelmed by your college savings choices? It’s no wonder – there are myriad options, and which ones are a good fit will depend on your specific circumstances. Whether you’re saving for college, graduate school or some other educational credential, working alongside an advisor who understands the available savings vehicles and their rules can help […]

Gifting Money? Develop a Plan

You’ve worked hard, you saved, you invested wisely, and you controlled spending. Your financial plan worked, and now you have money (or other assets) to share. But questions linger in your mind about whether you should do so and with whom. Many people do not give away money or assets during their lifetime, as life […]

SECURE Act 2.0 and Student Loans

Once in a while, the release of a sequel to a beloved movie franchise or the reboot of a classic TV series will garner a surprisingly huge amount of attention and excitement. The much-anticipated sequel to the 2019 SECURE Act, fittingly dubbed the SECURE Act 2.0, debuted in Congress in May (only a year and a […]

Pandemic Pivots: Questions to Ask Yourself About 7 Planning Topics

If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that life-altering occasions—both those we experience firsthand and those that merely present themselves as possibilities—have the potential to uproot even the firmest of financial plans. Why? Because reminders of what’s most important to us—wake up calls about how we spend our time and, as an extension, our money—can […]

After Your Divorce Is Finalized, What’s Next?

The judge has signed off and you are officially divorced. Whether the process was quick or drawn out, contentious or amenable, exhausting or empowering, it was almost certainly emotional and you can now release that pent-up sigh of relief. But hold on a minute, because you haven’t reached the finish line quite yet. While the […]

Buckingham Talks: How Higher Taxes May Impact Your Financial Future

Independent of one’s political leanings, it’s becoming increasingly likely that U.S. taxpayers are heading into an environment of higher tax rates and more progressive tax policy. While specifics are still in development, questions and implications abound as to how changes in long-term capital gains rates, estate tax exemption limits and income tax rates may impact […]

Creating a Charitable Legacy for When You Are Gone

Not long ago I asked a philanthropic-minded member of the community for their thoughts around establishing a private foundation. After some reflection, this individual responded that they didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of others carrying forward their charitable mission, as whoever is chosen to lead the foundation could try to steer its resources toward […]

Financial Planning and Identity Theft Prevention

Sssssnap! That was the sound of the proverbial camel’s back breaking in September 2017, after Equifax announced a data breach that exposed the personal information of an astounding 147 million people. A steady drumbeat of data breaches had occurred prior to this time, yet nothing of the magnitude and severity of Equifax’s knockout punch. If […]

College Athletic Scholarships: How to Play the Game

So, your kid is the next LeBron James or Megan Rapinoe. Congratulations, but this article isn’t for you, because your child is either going straight to the pros or is an elite athlete and will likely have many scholarship offers. You can skip the rest of this article and save yourself the 10 minutes. But […]